Statement of Need Statement of Need

Statement of Need

Please send a prepaid return envelope of USD 20.00 along with your application

Walk-in consular services discontinued

New Guidelines for Statement of need / No objection certificate

 According to the new Guidelines, henceforth, No Obligation to Return to India (NORI) would not be issued by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOH&FW) under any circumstance.

The new Guidelines clearly specify that applications for extension of Statement of Need (SON) / Exceptional Need (ENC) Certificates shall be processed only by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOH&FW).

The applicants may approach the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare at the following address:

Under Secretary
International Cooperation Section
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Government of India
Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi 110 011, India



How to Apply:

1. completed applicating form for “Attestation of Surety Bond for Statement of Need(SON)”.*

    With one passport size photo affixed in the box.

2. Fill In all information correctily. Incomplete application will be returned without service.

3. 2 notarized copies of (Annexture1* and Annexture A*)

4. Notarized copy of the contract with the Hospital/Institute on the standard Agreement Form, with a letter from the Program Director on the official letter head with seal and contact, telephone No.

5. Written Assurance form *

6. A copy of BIO-DATA with Address, telephone No, e-mail address/fax number.

7.Please attach the Clear Notarised photocopy of the  Passport, Address Proof, Legal Status. 


 Download the Miscellaneous application Form bullet, print & sign it paste the photograph and Post it to the Consulate along with the other supporting documents. If application is being sent by post please sent a separate $20/- cashier’s check or money order fee for return mail. Or Enclose a trackable pre-paid self-addressed return mailing envelope.

(Supporting Documents)

 List of documents valid as a proof of Address/Residence (Copy of any one of following):

  • •US Driving License OR
  • •Utility Bill OR
  • •Lease Agreement OR
  • •State Identity Card OR
  • •Mortgage Deed

 Proof of US Visa Status (Copy of any one of the following):

  • •Visa page of Passport (i.e. H1B, H4, L1, L2 etc.) OR
  • •Green Card OR
  • •Employment Authorization Document (Work Permit) OR

I-797, I-140 or I-20 (If approval is pending, attach a handwritten note detailing the efforts being taken to regularize status)


Fee:  A fee of US$ 30.00(Thirty Only) in favor of Consulate General of India, Atlanta(CGI,Atlanta) and an additional fee with a separate cheque or money order of US$ 2.00 (Two Only) per application towards Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF).  The fees may be paid only by money orders/cashier’s cheques.

(Personal Cheques, Credit Cards, Debit Cards Or Other Banking Instruments Are Not Accepted)

Mailing Address: Consulate General of India, Atlanta


5549 Glenridge Drive NE,

Atlanta, GA-30342

E-mail address for queries:cons[dot]atlanta[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in